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What to Do When Your Baby Gets a Cold: Soothing and Treatment

Colds go around like crazy during this time of year. If your baby has come down with a cold, they could be dealing with some long and cranky nights at home. Whether your baby has brought a cold from daycare or family gatherings, there are many ways you can comfort and help them fight off their symptoms. The professionals at Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic have put this blog together with some helpful tips to soothe your baby when they are sick. 

Use a Humidifier 

When your child gets a cold, they’ll be dealing with a lot of mucus and congestion, making it difficult for them to breathe through their nose. Running a humidifier while they sleep can help relieve congestion almost immediately. 

Your baby may have trouble sleeping if they cannot breathe through their nose. A humidifier can help loosen mucus, ultimately relaxing the irritated airways. A humidifier is encouraged to be used during naps and even at night during sleep. 

Have Your Baby Consume Plenty of Liquids 

When it comes down to many kinds of sicknesses, the best way to treat them is by flushing them out. Whether your child is dealing with a cold, sore throat, fever, or congestion, they can be treated by drinking several fluids throughout the day. You can have your child drinking plenty of water and juice. Fluids help with thinning out mucus, relieving a stuffy and congested nose. This also helps your baby from feeling dehydrated, which can often happen when coming down with a cold. 

Clear Your Baby’s Nose 

If your baby is congested, help them by using a nasal syringe. Some mucus may be thick, meaning you can get it out more easily with a syringe. With a syringe, you squeeze the tube and insert it into your baby’s nostrils, letting go of the bulb to create a suction. After taking the mucus out, you can squeeze the bulb again to clear it of mucus. It is recommended to regularly wash the syringe with soap and water to prevent the spread of germs. 

Use a Nasal Spray to Relieve Congestion 

In addition to a nasal syringe, you can also consider using a nasal spray. A nasal spray loosens mucus that is clogging your child’s nose. Saline drops or sprays are best recommended for your child. You can lay your little one on their back and use a dropper to insert two drops into each nostril. You can wipe away any mucus and use a syringe to suction out mucus. 

Put Your Baby to Sleep as Much as Possible

Everyone needs plenty of sleep when fighting a cold. To help your baby have a good night’s rest, clear out mucus as much as possible. It is encouraged to do this right before being put down for a nap or at night before going to sleep. The more they can comfortably breathe at night, the more rest they will get. It is also important to understand that while they may get sleep, it needs to be restful sleep. Soothe your baby as much as possible that way they can fall asleep more relaxed. 

Create a Steam Room  

Another great way to relieve your child’s congestion and stuffy nose is by running a warm shower in order to make the bathroom steamy. The warm water and warm air can not only calm and relax your child, but it will create a humid setting, relieving their airways. It is best to allow them to sit and bathe in the water for a good while that way they can reap the benefits of the warm air and warm water. 

Try a Sponge Bath 

Just like creating a steam room, you can run a lukewarm sponge bath to soothe a feverish baby, as this can help bring their temperature down by a few degrees. You can fill the bathtub with slightly warm water and use a sponge or washcloth to wipe them down, cooling and relaxing their skin. Do not use cold water. If your child is cold, take them out of the bath and dry them off quickly. 

Give Your Child the Care They Deserve from Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic  

If your child has a cold, they deserve love, affection, and special medical care, care that can only be offered by professionals. Here, at Minis Walk-In Clinic, we have healthcare designed for your child. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help and treat your little one. 

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