A Pediatrician drawing a child’s blood in Oak Lawn.

Why Are Child Blood Tests Important?

It can be stressful when your child needs to go to the doctor. The uncertainty of what could be wrong, along with what treatment they need, is a lot to think about, especially if they require blood work. Here at Mini’s Pediatric Walk-In Clinic located in Oak Lawn, IL, our pediatricians guarantee satisfactory treatment when you put your child’s health in our hands. 

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Why Your Child Might Need Blood Work

Blood tests are a standard medical practice that can pick up things that a general physical examination or X-ray won’t see. The procedure can potentially diagnose any possible diseases, monitor medicine treatments, determine blood type, and simply check your child’s overall health. The tests will ensure their organs and bodily systems are working how they’re supposed to. If there are any abnormalities, the pediatricians at Mini’s will let you know how we recommend you proceed. 

Common Types of Blood Tests

A few of the most common blood tests for children are:

  • Blood Glucose- This test will detect any sign of diabetes or can be used to monitor the treatment.
  • Blood Grouping- This test tells us what blood type your child is. This procedure is typically done before surgery if a blood donation is needed. 
  • Coagulation or Clotting- If our pediatricians suspect your child may have a blood clotting problem, they will recommend getting this test done. 
  • Full Blood Count (CBC)- This test will detect any hereditary or underlying diseases. It will also confirm the pediatrician’s initial diagnosis. 

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The Blood Work Process

Extracting blood may seem like a scary process in your child’s eyes. Our pediatricians can assure you and your little one that there is nothing to worry about. Our testing is quick and efficient, and you’ll be back home in no time! 

Sometimes verbal reassurance isn’t enough for children, especially if they’re very young. The best way to ease your child’s nerves would be by distracting them or comforting them. A few recommendations are, talking to them casually about one of their interests, having them play with a toy, making sure that you are also calm and collected, and rewarding them once the test is over to let them know they did a good job. It’s also good to note that your child may experience dizziness or even faint once the blood work is complete, so bring them a snack or beverage to help them feel better. 

The staff at Mini’s will always ensure that you and your child are well-informed before the procedure. We will talk directly to your child to make sure they understand why they are getting blood extracted and answer any questions they might have. 

Your Child’s Health is Our Top Priority

If you live in the Oak Lawn area and your child needs blood work, come to visit Mini’s Pediatric Walk-In Clinic. Our pediatricians are known for providing essential care for newborns and children and will give them the attention they need along with any medical assistance that is required. Contact us online or call (708) 424-0909 to schedule an appointment now.

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