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7 Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy This Spring

Spring is right around the corner. Just like every other season, the spring will present its fair share of potential health issues. As long as you and your child practice healthy habits, you can rest assured that your little one will be in good shape all throughout the spring! To keep your child untouched from illness and in the best spirits, the team at Minis Pediatric Walk-in Clinic provides a quick but helpful guide of tips to help you out!

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Apply Sunscreen Everyday

More sunny days await! While the weather becomes more enjoyable, it is still important to keep your little one safe from harmful UV rays and sunburns. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your child every day before they head to school. It is also advised to reapply sunscreen if they have sports or also go outside after school.

Drink Plenty of Water 

Speaking of more time in the sun, it is also important to keep your little one hydrated. Not only can you encourage more water during the week, but you can also feed your little one with more water-dense foods such as:

  • Soup
  • Vegetables (lettuce, celery, tomato)
  • Fruits (watermelon, strawberries, cucumber) 

Make Sure They Are Up to Date with Vaccines 

The flu season typically peaks in the fall and winter seasons, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to take caution. If your child still needs a flu shot, spring is a good time to get that taken care of. Vaccinations are especially important for children who have the following conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Obesity 

Treat Insect Bites with Urgency 

You never know how your little one could react to an insect bite. Some bugs are harmless, some can leave your child in need of medical assistance from an Oak Lawn pediatrician. Parents should beware of bugs or bites caused by:

  • Spiders (wolf spider, brown recluse, black widow)
  • Ticks
  • Bees 
  • Wasps 

These insects can significantly impact your child’s health if your little one is bitten. 

Encourage Sports and Exercise 

Warmer weather means more time to enjoy being outside! This is a good way to get your little one more time in the sun and to get active. After long and cold winter months, it could do your child some good to get moving and participate in athletics! You can sign your child up in afterschool programs or local leagues. 

Practice Proper Hand Washing 

No matter what season it is, proper hand washing should always be encouraged and practiced. Parents should get their children to wash their hands regularly, especially:

  • After school
  • Before meals 
  • Before playing with toys 

Needless to say, proper and regular hand washing can go a long way in preventing your child from getting sick this spring!

Get Plenty of Rest 

Getting enough rest is just as important as any other tip to keep your little one in good health this spring. School-aged children require 9 to 12 hours of sleep every night in order to maintain cognitive function, concentration, and overall school performance. Our Oak Lawn pediatricians recommend creating a bedtime routine to make it easier for your little one to wind down and get to bed at a decent time. 

Keep Your Little One in Good Shape with a Professional From Our Clinic 

Whether you want to get a wellness check, a physical, or schedule an appointment for other reasons, our pediatrician in Oak Lawn is your best choice! Contact us online or call (708) 424-0909  today to have your child seen by the best of the best in pediatric care!

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