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Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic is proud to provide newborn care in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Newborns require a special kind of care. They are the most fragile points of their life. We understand how overwhelming this might be, especially for first-time parents, but when you have the professionals at Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Not only are we here to treat newborns, but we are also here to guide parents into the best path possible. There is so much to learn and to know when it comes to providing adequate care for a newborn. When you bring your newborn to our clinic for pediatric care, we can also discuss the best methods of home-based care, for parents to learn about! If you need help adapting to a full-time role as a parent, the team at Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic is here to help!

Our Newborn Care Services

We’re proud to provide all the newborn care services you could ever imagine. Whether you don’t know how much to find your newborn or when to do so, we can assist you. If you’re having trouble trying to properly bathe your baby, we also have some tips for you to try! Whatever concerns or goals you may have, we guarantee that we can address them. 

Our newborn care services include the following:

Umbilical Cord Care

As a parent, you have to be looking after the stump on your newborn’s belly button. In a matter of time, it will fall off. Nonetheless, you must be looking after it, day by day, to ensure that your newborn isn’t suffering from any kind of infection or pain. You are always supposed to let the stump dry and fall off on its own.

To keep it from coming into any harsh contact, it is best that you stick with sponge baths, to create the most gentle setting for your little one. You can gently dry the stump with a towel after your newborn is done bathing, but after that, it is best to leave it be.


The way your baby sleeps can have a major effect on their health. In order to prevent any kinds of complications, it is best that you lay your newborns directly on their backs when it is time for bed. It is not recommended for your newborn to lay with you or on a soft surface such as a waterbed, couch, or pillow.

Your newborn may wake up anywhere from two to four hours to be fed, during the night. As soon as they wake up, it is crucial that you feed them right away that way they can head back to sleep. It is normal if your baby cries even after being fed, rocked, or had a diaper change. Eventually, you’ll be able to find and recognize your baby’s sleeping pattern.


Parents are to be very gentle when they bathe their newborns. When it comes to bathing them, two to three times a week is optimal. They don’t need a bath every day, considering they do not sweat. In fact, bathing them less frequently helps to keep their skin moisturized and soft. This can be done in the first year of their life. After they have reached a year, you can start bathing your baby more often.

Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultant Services

At Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic, we proudly offer lactation consultant services. If you require pumping assistance, need help maintaining milk supply, or would like to learn more about breastfeeding techniques, then we can help. For your convenience, our lactation consultant offers home visits, in-office, and online video services. Contact us today to learn more.

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Why Breastfeeding Matters

It is recommended that newborn babies should be breastfed around eight times a day for the first month. This will help them in terms of growth and development they should be making in the first month of their lives. Breast milk is easily digested, so it is easy for your newborn to get hungry, which is why you need to be feeding them rather often throughout the day.

Additionally, the more you feed, the more it helps the breasts produce milk. This means it decreases any chances of problems with producing milk in a quick manner. By the time your baby reaches one to two months of age, they can start being fed seven times a day. Newborns should not go more than four hours of having been fed, this includes nighttime. It is best to feed your baby in intervals of two hours.

Choose Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic as Your Go-To Choice for Newborn Care!

We love to help parents look after their newborn babies. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding how to look after your baby, we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us, today!

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