A young child receives a hearing test from a doctor using a special hearing test device

10 Signs Your Child May Need a Hearing Test

Parents are advised to schedule hearing tests for their children as soon as they can. This is important to do because detecting these issues early on can help you get started on a health and treatment plan. According to the most recent data from the CDC, 1.7 in 1000 babies were screened for hearing loss in 2019. The professionals here at Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic are here to ensure more screenings are issued for little ones everywhere. 

They Don’t React to Loud Noises 

All kinds of loud noises can occur in the common household setting, such as: 

  • Dishes from the kitchen 
  • Blenders 
  • Loud TVs or speakers 

If your child does not react to these noises or does not startle with sudden noises, this could signify the need for a hearing test. Although, you should not solely base your concerns on this one issue. 

You Have to Call Their Name More than Once 

This is a sign you should be a little more concerned about. If you are calling your child’s name from afar and they don’t hear you the first time, there is probably little concern here. But if you need to call your child several times and they still don’t respond, this is when you should closely analyze your child’s hearing. 

They Sit Or Stand Too Close To The TV

Your child should not have to sit too close to the TV to see and hear the screen properly. Kids are easily immersed in television and could simply just want to listen to it loudly, especially when there are distracting noises. If it becomes a habit of having to sit close to the TV, then it would be best to schedule a hearing test. 

They Don’t Talk Too Much 

Early warning signs of hearing loss or issues can be detected in the early stages of your child up to school-aged children. As children grow and develop, so should their speech. In reality, small children tend to talk a lot because they are constantly discovering new ways of expressing themselves! It could be helpful to get them tested if they are lacking in speech and communication. 

They Talk Louder Than Normal 

For some parents, it could be that their children don’t speak much. For others, the issue could be that their children are talking louder than what is normal. If your child fails to speak with an inside voice, this definitely raises concern for hearing loss or problems. Some children also like to have loud noises or objects around them because they can hear more. 

Your Child Looks At You Intently When You Speak 

If your child pays perfect attention to you when you are speaking, then this is a reflection of great parenting skills! But on the downside, this could also mean your child is doing their best to pick up what it is you are saying or telling them. Children with hearing loss or hearing issues often depend on visual cues to understand what is being spoken. 

Low Performance In School 

All of these signs, plus poor performance in school, may raise questions and concerns about your little one’s ability to hear properly. You should speak with your child’s teacher to learn if they have noticed any issues with being able to hear or respond in class. If hearing problems are detected, make this known to your child’s teacher right away. 

Their Hearing Fluctuates 

There may be times when your child can hear perfectly fine. You may also notice some days where your child is struggling with their hearing. In these cases, children may also lean in with their “good ear” when listening to people speak. Be attentive to when your child can hear and when they fail to respond and let their pediatrician know. 

It Seems They Are Not Paying Attention 

As your child continues to expand on their speech, it is crucial that you maintain patience when they are paying attention to you. Their hearing is also still developing and, for some children, they could be experiencing issues. If your child fails to pay attention or respond when you are calling them, set a hearing test with a doctor right away. 

Frustrated with Background Noise 

With so much noise happening all around, this could make matters worse for children who are possibly experiencing hearing loss. Children who are easily distracted by background noise also have the tendency to turn up the volume on several devices or electronics. You can have your child referred to an audiologist if you let their pediatrician know about these concerns. 

Schedule a Hearing Test at Minis Pediatric Walk-In Clinic 

Hearing loss is a very serious health concern, no matter how young or old your child is. When you choose to make an appointment with us, we will make sure you and your little one are on the right path to receiving the best treatment. Contact us today by calling (708) 424-0909 to make an appointment. 

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